The Authentic Cretan Way of Living

If there was a word to describe Crete that would be the word "Philoxenia" as you are never a foreigner here.
Crete is the largest island in Greece and the 5th in size in all of the Mediterranean offering a paradise on earth that will leave you breathless.

Take a tour of the world within Crete, relish the world renowned Cretan cuisine and become acquainted with the exceptional regional customs that are still honoured to the day. Blend with the locals, delve into the depths of tradition and discover the cradle of western civilization through SeaCrete Hotels. See, feel, taste, hear and smell...Crete!

We, at SeaCrete offer you a getaway to the most authentic Cretan way of living with the organization of Greek nights, traditional dancing shows and many more. Our group of hotels ensures that each and every guest no matter of age gets to hear the echoes of the Cretan Heritage during his stay.

Taste the essence of Crete and relish the most mouth-watering flavours of the legendary Cretan cuisine. Savour delightful meals in our hotel restaurant prepared with the finest local ingredients including quality olive oil.

Let us organize the most exciting tours and day trips all around the region of Chania and beyond. Visit the archaeological sites and attractions, the historic monuments and worldwide famous Cretan Museums.

Top Museums
Archeological Museum of Chania
Nautical Museum of Crete
War Museum of Chania
The House of Eleftherios Venizelos
Museum of Typography

Get ready to swim in exotic waters, walk through gorges and caves, climb up the mountains, follow the scents to the olive and orange groves by the forests and rivers and uncover the hidden paths of history through the trails of the Minoan civilization.

Visit some of Crete's most traditional villages and feel the warmth of its people, observe how the old men still enjoy their coffee at the authentic "kafeneia" and how the women gather outside their homes to crochet. Live the genuine Cretan everyday life and mingle with the locals.

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