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One of the things that make our hotel so unique is the environment and people surrounding it.

Whether it be the clear blue sea, the golden seashore, the green hills or the glorious sunlight of Crete, one cannot but be mesmerized by the exquisite nature of the resort’s ambiance. What greater treasure can there be but the environment itself.

As an Eco-friendly hotel, Kiani Beach Resort  blends in with the natural surroundings and respects the environment not only with its architecture but with its strong philosophy of ecological conscience and daily eco-acts. We are awarded with the HACCP & TRAVELIFE awards due to this. Below are a selection of some of our conscious practices:

Child Protection Policy

Employee & Local Community Policies

Environmental Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Human Rights & Employees Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Sustainability Report

Camera Information

Download our full SeaCrete Hotels Sustainability Presentation here

At SeaCrete Hotels

We have a fundamental responsibility in providing ethical services that respect our environment, fellow citizens & our local community as a whole.


Through our policies we are committed to:


• Protecting the Environment
• Safeguarding Human Rights & Employees Rights
• Ensuring Health & Safety
• Focusing on Quality
• Supporting Local Community
• Protecting Children

Local Community

Maintaining good and mutual beneficial relationships with the local community is fundamental. As the travel experience of our guests is greatly enriched by the unique characteristics of the surrounding environment and its inhabitants, we need to support and work closely with the local community.


Measures taken so far:


• More than 65% of our employees live in the nearby area
• Procurement of goods and services locally
• Support local charities and organizations with money and goods donations

Employees Welfare

We consider our employees as our most important asset and therefore we focus on their training while providing motivation and support for their professional and personal development. Moreover, we try to maintain a safe work environment of equal opportunities, free from any kind of discrimination.


Measures taken so far:

• About 55% of our employees are women
• 4 out of 10 of our middle and upper management positions are filled with women
• On average, every tourist season, our staff receive more than 3 hours of training

Our Goals of operation & planning

Within the Tourism sector, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aim to address the global challenges of mankind, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice, by offering the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Year after year we receive awards for our success in ethical and sustainable practices.

Energy Use

Energy use is a considerable operating cost and a major source of GHG emissions, which are responsible for human induced climate change. For this reason, we make a great effort to reduce our energy consumption, particularly in areas where fossil fuels are still in use.


Measures taken so far:

• 90% of light bulbs have been replaced with LED
• Light & motion sensors are used to control lighting
• Production of DHW by heat pumps in combination with a heat recovery system from the main A/C unit
• All new equipment must be rated A+ or above
• Staff training and awareness

Tap Water in Rooms

As a part of our Sustainability Ethic, each room is equipped with a refillable glass bottle, that can be used to refill clean drinking water from our tap. This eliminates the continual use of plastic bottles and adheres to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Our tap water at SeaCrete Hotels, as with the whole region of Chania, undergoes strict hygiene checks to ensure its pureness and quality.

Electric mobility of the future

Electric Charging Station for cars on premises at Kiani Beach Resort

With sustainability in mind, we have introduced a state of the art electric charging station on premises for those who visit our hotel with an electric car.

Water Use

Water is a vital resource for humans and the natural environment and must be consumed responsibly. For this reason, we make a great effort to reduce our water consumption, particularly in the areas of high use, such as the swimming pools and the gardens.


Measures taken so far:


• Low flush cisterns

• Irrigation with timers after midnight

• Linen and towel policies

• Staff training and guest awareness

We wave this blue flag proudly

In all our targets to eliminate the use of chemicals and protect the environment Kiani Beach Resort and Kalyves Beach Hotel are awarded year after year the prestigious Blue Flag Award for the quality of its waters, shores and beach facilities.

Innovative cleaning system in our pools

The water in our indoor heated pool and children’s pool is cleaned with an innovative system that uses natural sea salt to purify the water.


The benefits of this method include:

• No harsh chemicals are used in the purification process of the water

• It does not irritate the skin and eyes, giving a pleasant sensation on the swimmer’s body.

• The water does not smell like chlorine

• Continuous and natural process of cleaning is achieved so that the pool is always disinfected.


Waste management and disposal has become a critical element for our efficient operation and performance. For this reason, we make a great effort to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill.


Measures taken so far:


• Plastic, paper & cartons, glass, metal, batteries, cooked oil, light bulbs and other used electric/electronic equipment are already recycled and disposed of properly.
• Installation of water fountains in the Gym to reduce the amount of plastic bottles
• Installation of recycle bins in guest areas
• Staff training and guest awareness

Use of Chemicals

Chemicals are generally very damaging to the natural environment and harmful to the local flora/fauna and even humans. For this reason, we closely monitor their usage and try to limit the quantities consumed to the absolute minimum in all relevant areas, i.e. Kitchen, Housekeeping, Laundries, Swimming pool, Gardens.


Measures taken so far:


• All chemicals are procured from reputable suppliers and are accompanied by their respective MSDs
• The amount of chemicals used is controlled by automatic dossing units
• Closely monitoring the use of chlorine, refrigerants and fertilizers
• Staff training and guest awareness

Enjoy Authentic Experiences

• Food ingredients from local producers
• Local refreshments, wines and spirits
• Cretan recipes
• Getting the sense of the Cretan spirit through traditional performances and unique
• Offer a “dine out” and “live like a local” experience to selected guests, from 2022 and 2023 respectively

At SeaCrete Hotels we have a responsibility

We care for the safety and welfare of our employees, guests and the unique surroundings in which we are situated in.


Responsibly, ethically, and with care.

Smart Rooms

Unique Smart Rooms where guests can control the energy consumption of the electrical devices in the room remotely from their mobile device.


At a relaxing touch of a button conserve energy for a sustainable future through SeaCrete Hotels.


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