Animation & Entertainment

As the sun begins to set the music begins to ascend on the grounds of Kiani Beach Resort. Enjoy DJ's performing live a diverse mix of Latin, funk, soul and jazz, learn how to dance authentic Greek dances or practice your belly dancing moves on the dance floor with the help of professional instructors.

Find out what "OPA" stands for during our Greek Nights or sing along to the lyrics of Karaoke. Put your skills to test and compete with friends on Quiz night and let our magician lure you into his illusions.

Shows & Events

  • Oriental Show
    Get ready for the most seductive Arabian nights where our Arabian dancers will sweep you off your feet. Let your eyes follow the oriental moves and lure your thoughts to the mysteries of far lands.

  • Magician Show
    Try to unravel the mysteries of the illusions performed by our Magicians, take part in our tricks and whether a child or not get ready to start believing in magic once again!
  • Karaoke Night
    Pick your favorite song and get ready to perform in front of your friends and family. Gain your minute of fame on our stage and let us cheer for you!

  • Piano Night
    Relish eclectic flavors while listening to the melodic tunes of the piano. What a better way to wrap up a wonderful summer day in Chania?

  • Greek Night
    Learn how to dance the Greek way to the tunes of Greek folklore music and traditional Cretan dances. Get ready to shout "Opa" on the dance floor and lift your spirit high.

  • Live Music
    Follow the rhythmic music performed by our live bands and swing into the night with your other half or your beloved friends.

  • Quiz Night
    Put your skills and knowledge to test as you compete with the rest of our guests during Quiz Night. Think fast, answer wisely and be the king of Quiz Night!

  • Saxophone Night
    Relax to the tunes of the saxophone and unwind in the blissfulness of your surroundings. Let your senses swirl to the open sky and your thoughts travel to the endless azure of the Cretan sea.

When the bright sun goes down, the day for us at Kiani Beach Resort has not ended! Enjoy our evening programs of DJ nights, dancing and live events, with guest artists dancing Latin, funk, soul, jazz and traditional Mediterranean and Cretan music under the stars. Join our dancers as they teach you to dance Greek in our 'Greek Night', or put your singing skills to the test with a go at Karaoke. Our Oriental dancers will get young and old involved with exciting lessons and group dances on the dance floor.