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chania | December 3, 2019

Why to visit Chania in Spring

The Good weather! As the most Southern Island in Europe, Chania is blessed with one of the longest summers, with average spring temperatures beginning at 25 degrees in Spring making it the ideal destination for young and old early on in the year. With the indoor heated pool available all year round at Kiani Beach Resort, even the chillier Spring days are covered. To stroll the Venetian Harbor The noble Old Venetian port provides a pleasant walk through picturesque streets and alleys dotted with stalls, coffee shops and restaurants. Narrow passages surrounded by elegant neoclassic buildings built in different historical periods offer visitors pleasant routes to discover during their holidays in Chania. Greek Cooking Lessons The traditional Cretan cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. The richness and quality of the Cretan land provides a breadth of local products and ingredients that are artfully used to create the most delicious recipes known for their unique flavour, aromas, freshness and above all quality. Meals are prepared with many ingredients, ample olive oil, not altered by excessive spices. Take part in numerous Greek cooking lessons around the area of Chania and Kalyves and discover the wonderful Cretan Cuisine and how to create it. To Savour Cretan Wine Over the years the rise of the quality of Greek wine and in particular the Cretan variety has been a game changer in the field of wineries and wine tasting around the world. If wine is your thing, you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty of it in Chania! As well as good food, strong spirits, and stories of the locals, one can enjoy a plethora of wines and tastes through the many wine tasting events that take place throughout the spring and summer months on the island. Experience Local Attractions Take a day out to discover the village of Kalyves and surrounding areas and sights to get a true taste of island life. One cannot visit Chania and miss out on the true Cretan hospitality and charm of its many villages. Kalyves offers a 4km coastline of untouched beauty and spectacular sea. It is a village that has preserved the traditional Cretan and quality way of life inviting you to experience that authentic way of living. Enjoy living among local Cretans, tasting local food, swimming in crystal-clear blue waters, and participating in the various festivities that the village has to offer during the summer. Kalyves village also offers the ideal starting paoint for excursions to the greater region of Chania. Just stone’s throw away is the Ancient site of Aptera including nature walks along the river and monuments and churches dotted along the path.